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We offer following programs:

  • Pre-Karate
  • Beginner Karate
  • Advanced Karate
  • Adult Karate
  • Competition Team


  • Summer Camp
  • Teen Training Camp

Keiko Shin Karate Academy follows highly concentrated, comprehensive program that includes:

  • Traditional Kata
  • Traditional Kumite
  • Self Defense
  • Bully Prevention
  • ADHD Management
  • Self-discipline
  • Confidence Building
  • Respect
  • Stranger Danger Techniques

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Studies demonstrate that karate develops brain functionality and cognitive stimulation.



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  • I have been doing karate for five years and hopefully I will be getting my black belt in January. I love doing karate ,I love being a senpai (I love helping), and I never want to leave the dojo because Sensei makes it so much fun and everyone learns a lot.
    I have a great respect and admiration for Sensei and Mrs.Ibe for helping me to put my life in the right direction. They are like a family to me.

  • I enrolled my son into Keiko Shin Karate Academy over two years ago.  Sensei Ernesto, Sensei Alex and Ms Ibe are true professionals with caring hearts.  My son has grown in confidence and discipline, as well as in skill.  He recently went to his first competition with the team.  He gained medals and a huge boost in self esteem.  Along with his skill, my son has also been taught some valuable life lessons and acts of chivalry.  He has become a leader and has a enthusiasm to learn.  All of my son's growth is a true testament to Keiko Shin Karate Academy and it's wonderful Sensei(s) and staff.  Thank you for everything!!

  • Sensei, Tournament went really well. Judging was really fair. Girls had a great time. Sunshine nailed her kata, missed a perfect score by .3 points. We just wanted to thank you for spending all your extra time helping her perfect her kata and kumite. Three separate senseis's came up to her after her kata and said and I quote how awesome her kata was. I witnessed one sensei grab his student and made him watch as she was doing it. The president of WOMA came up to her and wanted to know who you were. Truly you are a great sensei, and thank you so much what you have done for all your students.

  • "I am a single mother of two nine year old twin boys. There have been going to Keiko Shin Karate Academy for about three years now. Sensei Fuentes, the owner, has taught my boys not only karate, but also respect, self confidence and discipline. Both of my boys are at the top of their classes in school. Going to the dojo is like coming home. They have created a warm family like atmosphere. The staff is friendly and courtesy. Sensei Fuentes became a role model to my boys. He not only teaches the kids, but he cares for them as well. I highly recommend this academy. Thank goodness for Keiko Shin Karate Academy!"

  • "I knew that I made an excellent decision when I decide to enroll my kids on Keiko Shin Academy. Keep going my friend and you can count on us to support your goals. Congratulation Again about your National title!"
    Noel M.

  • "Sensei Fuentes has changed my child's life forever! My Scotty is special needs and was diagnosed with speech delay disorder and fine motor skills issues in his hands. Overall, he was considered 'Developmentally Delayed'. Therapy took care of his speech delay disorder, but until we enrolled our son in Karate under Sensei's leadership, his fine motor skill problems persisted. He could barely lift anything and had no power in his hands. It was only a few months after we joined the dojo that we began to notice a massive change in our boy. He had amazing confidence, his grades improved and his strength was becoming noticeable. Now, two years later, he is a Blue Belt, is respectful to everyone, believes in himself, is a straight 'A' student and is so strong, he actually has to be careful when he hugs us. If it were not for Sensei and Keiko-Shin Karate Academy, Scotty would not be where he is today. My wife and I cannot thank Sensei enough. More importantly, Scotty is having FUN! He LOVES going to Karate and drags me out of my seat when it's time to go to the dojo. The change is remarkable."
    Mike & Missy F.

  • "Sensei, I have been thinking alot about your teaching and words to everyone at the dojo, as well as my own observations from other karate students during the last tournament. To me, it is absolutely no secret 'why' our dojo is #1 in the state of Florida. Two key things.... the first (we call at my company) The Will to Win'. Our competitors train hard and train seriously in the dojo, it is not simply 'a club'. The Will to Win is not something you can teach someone... they have to possess that internally. Our students have a Will to Win that is unmatched by any other karate academy. The Will to Win is an internal fire which always burns. The second, is that YOU inspire EXCELLENCE. For example, All of the 'polishing' or 'nitpicking' you do during kata practice is not simply nitpicking, but rather it is done to separate 'Good' from 'Great' or 'Great' from 'Excellent'. This was VERY clear to me as I was watching other competitors during the tournament. (Perhaps you saw the 14 year old boys doing kata - I didn't think either one was very good). In my opinion, other academies accept a lower standard (very high stances, wobbly arms instead of crispness, etc) There is a quote which I use at work, that I think sums up this point: 'Excellence is never an accident. It is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities'."
    Rebecca M.

  • "Thank you so much for having the party for the children. You are such a wonderful family and I am so glad that Noah is in your care with your excellent influence two nights a week. I know that not only the karate, but the life lessons, mean a lot to him. Thanks again!"

  • Thank you Sensei Ernesto, Sensei Alex and Ms Ibe parenting Lauren when I am not with her. She is growing stronger every day under your tutelage. Being on the tournament team sets her up with goals to work towards and confidence with her competition success! You all rock!!!
    Tammy Knoll-Anderson

  • "Dear Sensei, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving the kids such a special time. Nei talked about the party all weekend, everytime she got the chance. Your family means a great deal to ours and we just wanted to say THANK YOU!"
    The Hernandez Family

  • People are not born with confidence and self discipline. They have to develop these qualities. Karate at Keiko Shin has played an important role in developing these qualities in our daughters. In the 4 years that our daughters have been at Keiko Shin, they have increased strength and coordination. We have also seen improvement in other children. Some of them come in with very little strength or balance, and within a few weeks, they are in step with the rest of the class. The Keiko Shin team really cares about children. They don't try to force them to like Karate. Instead, they bring out the natural quality in their students. Sensei Ernesto encourages them to become quality people- not just to become good at a sport. Senseis Ernesto and Alex have different styles that continue to develop quality traits in our children that they could only get from karate.
    Tim and Wendy Reed

  • I enrolled my son into Keiko Shin Karate Academy after coming across an incident with one of the other local martial arts academy. At first, I was a bit hesitant since I thought all martial art academies were similar. However, I was proven wrong. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed my son adjusted very well to the structured & family-friendly environment, his form and techniques improved tremendously, and he felt a sense of accomplishment & mutual trust from working with Sensei Ernesto, Sensei Alex, and Co-Instructor, Ms. Ibe. Not only was it important that my son learned Karate, I also wanted him to learn respect, self-control, and discipline. Over time, I saw that my son understood these principles that were taught and consistently communicated by the Sensei(s). By ensuring the students grasped the concept, I liked how the Sensei(s) took the time to explain the importance and expectations, which was then followed by stories that they all can relate to. Lastly, from a parent perspective, I truly appreciate how the Sensei(s) and staff operate from working with the students, maintaining a professional environment to quickly addressing questions or concerns. All in all, I knew I made the right decision when my son has developed the love for Karate and when he made it his personal goal is to earn a black belt from Keiko Shin Karate Academy.

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