"There are those days when it's hard to put one foot in front of the other,
 but those are the days when champions are created. 
 It's about making the most of the minutes your are given." 
 David McNally author



Competitor's Code of Conduct

一 ichi:: I will treat with respect my Sensei, Senpai, Staff, Parents, and other students

二 ni:: I will regularly attend class and arrive on time

三 san:: I will make best effort in studying karate and implementing Sensei's instructions

四 shi:: I will wear clean uniform and take good care of all training equipment and protective gear

五 go:: I will be courteous and show good example to other students (especially lower ranking belts)

六 roku :: I will volunteer to senpai for younger and lower ranking students outside of my class schedule

七 shichi :: I will participate in KSKA's events, fund-raisers, and community initiatives


一 ichi:: I will treat with respect my family members, neighbors, and friends

二 ni:: I will do my best to exercise and practice kata and kumite techniques without neglecting my duties and chores

三 san:: I will take good care of my uniform and equipment and prepare it for next class or tournament

四 shi:: I will monitor KeikoShin.com website for important announcements and schedule changes


一 ichi:: I will treat with respect my Teachers, school staff, and other students

二 ni:: I will maintain all my grades at minimum B level or higher

三 san:: I understand that my education at school takes priority over my karate training and will never neglect my education for karate training reasons

四 shi:: I will conduct myself in appropriate manner and offer my assistance to all in need

五 go:: I will be courteous and show good example to other students

六 roku :: I will not use any karate techniques for any purposes other then self defense

七 shichi ::I will try hard to avoid any confrontation and will never start a fight


一 ichi:: I will treat with respect judges, coaches, competitors, and their friends and families

二 ni:: I will arrive prepared with all necessary registrations, patches, and equipment

三 san:: I will participate in KSKA's warm-up sessions and strategy meetings

四 shi:: After I am done competing I will support team members who are yet to compete

五 go:: I will wear karate gi, Keiko Shin shirt, or warm up uniform through out the tournament

六 roku :: I will conduct myself in responsible manner, with focus on Team's success and reputation 


 I understand that failure to abide by this Code of Conduct may result in removal of my kyu/dan belt, my removal from KSKA Team, and /or expulsion from Keiko Shin Karate Academy


Tournament Survival Guide

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  • Determine if the tournament belongs to a UTKA, NKF, AAU, SKIF, or any other organization.
  • BEFORE you send in a registration form, PLEASE bring the form to the karate academy for Sensei to review. This will help avoid any mistakes.
  • Prepare your karate bag and make sure that you have all the equipment that you need for the tournament according to the circuit you are attending. Always have your Gi (karate uniform) with you, clean and ironed.
  • Try to keep record of all the tournaments that you participate in so that you will know when you move up to the next division.
  • Always arrive on time (always check with Sensei’s for information regarding what time and where the team will meet)
  • Always arrive with your GI (karate uniform) ON at the tournament and your Keiko Shin Karate Warm-up jacket, if you have one.
  • Always bring both your Hard Gi and Soft Gi to all tournaments with Keiko Shin Patch (with the exception of all AAU Tournaments and NKF National Tournaments; for those you will use the organization’s patch)
  • The soft GI is only used if you have the time to change during the tournament
  • All girls need to bring a hair tie, take off earrings and all jewelry. Please remove all nail polish on feet or hands.
  • Everybody: maintain nails and toenails trimmed, take off any kind of necklaces and jewelry; come clean cut and looking nice!
  • Always eat your breakfast before you arrive at the tournament; that is going to help you….
  • NKF approved Red and Blue gloves
  • ONLY Red and Blue belt (Don’t bring any other color belt, including your current belt)
  • NKF approved shin/instep gear (Vinyl white or red and blue WKF approved)
  • White Head Gear (mandatory for 9 yr olds and under, other ages optional)
  • Cup or groin protector (for boys)
  • Mouth piece
  • Only for the National you need to have NKF patch
  • Chest Protection for girls WKF approved (optional  but recommended)
  • White Gloves
  • Cloth Shin gear
  • White Head gear “warrior” with Face Shield (mandatory for 18 yrs old and under)
  • Cup or groin protector (boys)
  • Mouth piece
  • AAU patch for all of these tournaments mandatory.
  • Chest Protection for girls (optional, but recommended)

   Belt colors according to your rank in competition (Don’t bring any other color belt, including your current belt):

  • Beginner:       White Belt
  • Novice:          Green Belt;
  • Intermediate:  Brown Belt;
  • Advanced:      Black Belt

Rules for these types of tournaments vary -  here are the most common requirements:

  • White Gloves
  • Cloth Shin Gear (only leg protection, do not put the foot protection on)
  • White Head Gear (mandatory for 18 yrs old and under)
  • Cup or groin protector (boys)
  • Mouth piece
  • Chest Protection for girls (optional, but recommended)
  • Keiko Shin patch sewed on the left side of the Gi (light and hard karate uniform)

Belt color according to your rank in competition (Don’t bring any other color belt, including your current belt):

  • Beginner:      White Belt
  • Novice:         Green Belt;
  • Intermediate: Brown Belt;
  • Advanced:     Black Belt
  • Frozen bottles of water or your favorite drink (can be used as chill packs at the beginning of the day, and then for drinking later in the day).
  • Light snacks that will not spill or get the uniform dirty, such as dried fruit, granola or energy bars, bananas, etc.
  • Extra money for souvenirs like tournament t-shirt, etc
  • Instant ice pack (the kind you break to make it cold)
  • Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen
  • Ace bandage (for wrapping wrist, ankles)
  • Tape (for fingers or toes)
  • Band-aids
  • Hand wipes or hand sanitizer
  • Small towel (to sit on so uniform does not get dirty, to wipe feet for smooth movements on the mat, or to wipe off sweat)
  • Bleacher cushions (for sitting through the LONG day)
  • Camera or Video Camera (be sure to charge it or bring extra batteries)
  • Books, a deck of cards or games for the kids (to pass the time while waiting)
  • iPod or mp3 player to listen to your music
  • Change of clothes to change after you finish (keeps the uniform clean)
  • Pen and paper for writing down names and phone numbers of the new friends you meet
  • A Tide pen or other stain removing stick (in case you get a spot on your gi)
  • A positive attitude!
Remember; if you can’t shine you can twinkle, and take every tournament as an experience that you gain towards your next performance.



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