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Another competition went by. This time it was AAU East in Fort Pierce, FL. We did our usual Veni, Vidi, Vici -  we come, we see, we conquer. Our Team of 25 athletes came home with 39 medals in Kata and Kumite divisions. Dedication of Sensei Ernesto and superior quality of his training was proven yet again.


This is not however, what I would like to focus on in this article. Last Saturday we witnessed two interesting things that we kind of always knew but never before witnessed clearly with our own eyes.


Firstly -  we know that we are a family. Everyone supports each other and takes care of each other. We always write it in all our marketing materials and articles. Last Saturday - we all got to see how deep this actually goes.

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What is karate? Karate is a sport used by many people for fun, as a hobby, or many people take it seriously and become world champions of karate. Karate involves warm ups and stretches that progress into sparring drills, speed drills, kata, and many other exercises. There are important parts involved in karate, such as belts, tournaments, and gear, which set attainable goals, create challenges, and provide safety.

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Keiko Shin Team did extremely well last year and although nobody is counting the medals any more, nine athletes from our Academy were awarded the titles of AAU Athlete of The Year 2015. Sensei Ernesto Fuentes was recognized as Best Sensei and Keiko Shin Karate Academy gained another title of The Best Performing Karate School in Florida.

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