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The calls for help came through social media and WhatsApp messenger. “Please somebody help me put the plywood over my windows”, “Please help removing fallen tree of my driveway”, “ We need generator badly”, etc.  Keiko Shin Karate Academies answered calls by mobilizing their families and organizing supplies and labor.

Our crews went out to numerous homes in the area putting plywood on the windows, placing sand bags, helping in relocation of lawn furniture, planters, etc.

Keiko Shin Karate Academy members from the Naples area provided instant updates on the severity of the winds and rain so all our families located further north knew what to expect.

Post hurricane, it was time to cleanup. Our families organized chainsaw and cleanup crews and drove around helping in cleanup process and removal of fallen trees blocking driveways. Those that had electricity provided those less fortunate with generators and gas.

It was a spontaneous and amazing effort that resulted in many families having safer house and speedier cleanup process. Keiko Shin Karate Academies proved once again that Karate is not all about kicking and punching but also about helping each other in their time of crisis and desperation.

Even now as I write these words, Sensei Ernesto Fuentes is reaching out to Karate Dojos in South Florida offering help in providing supplies and cleaning up.



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