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Another competition went by. This time it was AAU East in Fort Pierce, FL. We did our usual Veni, Vidi, Vici -  we come, we see, we conquer. Our Team of 25 athletes came home with 39 medals in Kata and Kumite divisions. Dedication of Sensei Ernesto and superior quality of his training was proven yet again.


This is not however, what I would like to focus on in this article. Last Saturday we witnessed two interesting things that we kind of always knew but never before witnessed clearly with our own eyes.


Firstly -  we know that we are a family. Everyone supports each other and takes care of each other. We always write it in all our marketing materials and articles. Last Saturday - we all got to see how deep this actually goes.


During the course of competition, one of our athletes got hurt. She couldn't breathe, her heart was racing, anxiety settled in. She needed help pronto. That is when our family really stepped up. Our team Mom, Mrs. Wendy did not let security barriers stop her from going into the mats area -  she was at the side of the athlete instantly - comforting her and making sure she had place to rest and room to breathe. Our Team Doctor, Dr. Ken was there as well checking the pulse and deciding if more serious medical attention was needed. Ms. Patty used all here experience to help relieve stress and anxiety. As always Sensei was on top of everything.


Other athletes were anxious to find out if everything was ok. The ones that already did compete observed nervously and the ones that were still preparing to compete could not focus worrying about their friend.


It was a very scary moment - but also a moment which showed all of us how close of a family we really are. What made this episode even more intense was the fact that this athlete was entrusted to the care of the whole team and team family by her family (who could not attend).


She recovered, calmed down, even smiled. Everyone was relived. Sensei started planning different training regiment for her -  to make sure this will never happen again. Keiko Shin Family showed it's true worth.  


Another interesting and eye opening episode took place during that competition. One of the judges who never failed to get our blood boiling pulled 180 degrees on us. He was nice, courteous, and most importantly - fair. He actually protested on behalf of our athletes when there were omissions to the rules. We were all shocked in the nice kind of way.


Our Sensei always teaches that confrontation is never good for solving problems. Some of the parents and athletes perceived it as a some sort of a weakness on his part. However, we never disputed it and always followed his advice. We took Sensei's word for it. Last Saturday -  we actually did see it working just like our Sensei said it would.

Click Here for pictures from this event.



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