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Karate is one of the more complex sports disciplines, because when the students practice it, it develops the motor skills in a secure way. Its origin begins hundreds of years ago in Okinawa, which was influenced by an ancient Chinese tradition. Karate Do, literally means, the way of empty hands.
This is a reference that its followers do not use weapons, not to attack nor to defend yourself, just their feet, hands and body. Even then, Karate is much more than just physical activity, it is based in the great philosophical and spiritual tradition of Bushido.


The purpose of Karate is to develop a balance and spiritual and physical harmony, through a disciplined training. A Karate school naturally promotes openness, peace and character integrity, growing day by day.
Many practice this sport to improve discipline, coordination, agility and even to lose weight. At the age of 4, a child is ready to learn to learn discipline based in karate and achieve favorable results because in a short period of time the child will mature mentally, physically and most importantly in discipline. That is why many parents like this sport, because it benefits the children in many ways such as to be intuitive, to formulate, to create and to design a more stable personality, it also help to control the behavior and balance the child psychology.
Karate is one of the sports disciplines that includes men and women and it is considered among the ones with the lowest risk for injuries.


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