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The dojo is closed for now, but karate lessons press on.

The novel coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) outbreak has put a halt to many organized recreational activities, but Wesley Chapel-based Keiko Shin Karate Academy has found another way to keep members sharp, while staying home — via virtual classes using the Zoom online video conference platform.

Sensei Ernesto Fuentes now is offering virtual karate lessons from the Keiko Shin Karate Academy in Wesley Chapel. Fuentes opened the academy about 15 years ago. (Courtesy of Keiko Shin Karate Academy)

Many Keiko Shin students find themselves training in their living rooms. Others find enough space in their bedrooms, backyard or lanai.

Even Sensei Ernesto Fuentes, who operates Keiko Shin, makes it a point to change up his own backdrop when facilitating karate activities and workouts to students.

Though it’s not quite the same as the traditional Keiko Shin dojo on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, students make do to practice katas and kick-punch combinations.

“Our kids are so dedicated that they made room, they found room,” Fuentes said. “They moved some furniture, and you’d be surprised to see how much space they have.”

The online classes have been continuing for the past month or so, around when the Pasco County School Board suspended all in-person school events and extracurricular activities until at least May.

To Fuentes, the virtual offerings help maintain students’ progress in achieving their karate goals, also keeping them active and motivated.

“We train hard. Virtually or no, we do train hard,” said Fuentes, who started the academy 15 years ago. “Parents are happy to not see their kids sitting on the couch, playing video games.”

Even in cyberspace, the academy has maintained a full schedule, Monday through Friday.

Keiko Shin karate students practice forms and techniques from the comfort of their homes. (Courtesy of Keiko Shin Karate Academy)

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2do Campeonato FEPUKA 2019

Keikoshin's athletes participated in 2do Campeonato FEPUKA 2019 in San Juan, Puerto Rico on July 14th, 2019.


Puerto Rico wlecomed our team with beautiful sighs, great weather, and excellent food. Thanks to some of our team members who are native Puerto Ricans we were able to visit all of the most beautiful sights and eat homemade food at hand-picked restaurants.


Big thanks to Sensei William and to Gian's Family for guiding us around the island.


Competition was held at fabuleous facility Albergue Olimpico, set amongst mountain vistas, created for the purpose of training athletes participating in Olimpics.


Our team performed exceptionaly well and brought home the total of 12 medals.


Special tanks to our Puerto Rican hosts for very well organized tournament. Judging was exceptional and atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming.

We will see you next year.

Hasta el año que viene.

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Keiko Shin Karate Academies answer calls for help during Hurricane Irma.


The calls for help came through social media and WhatsApp messenger. “Please somebody help me put the plywood over my windows”, “Please help removing fallen tree of my driveway”, “ We need generator badly”, etc.  Keiko Shin Karate Academies answered calls by mobilizing their families and organizing supplies and labor.

Our crews went out to numerous homes in the area putting plywood on the windows, placing sand bags, helping in relocation of lawn furniture, planters, etc.

Keiko Shin Karate Academy members from the Naples area provided instant updates on the severity of the winds and rain so all our families located further north knew what to expect.

Post hurricane, it was time to cleanup. Our families organized chainsaw and cleanup crews and drove around helping in cleanup process and removal of fallen trees blocking driveways. Those that had electricity provided those less fortunate with generators and gas.

It was a spontaneous and amazing effort that resulted in many families having safer house and speedier cleanup process. Keiko Shin Karate Academies proved once again that Karate is not all about kicking and punching but also about helping each other in their time of crisis and desperation.

Even now as I write these words, Sensei Ernesto Fuentes is reaching out to Karate Dojos in south Florida offering help in providing supplies and cleaning up.

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Saying good bye to our friend Jacobo

Jacobo joined Keiko Shin Karate Academy few weeks ago with the goal of improving his skills over the summer break from school. Real Karateka looks for improvement at all times and takes every opportunity he gets to practice Karate whereever he is. Karate is for life.

Jacobo came all the way from the country of Colombia. During the course of these few short weeks he not only improved his Karate skills but developed friendships that will last a life time.

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Keiko Shin Karate in Association with Integrated Therapy Alliance, Inc is proud to offer our New community program, geared towards those that faces challenges in their daily life.
This enriched martial arts class aims to boost your child’s self-esteem, improve coordination, and increase stamina. Additionally, it  focuses on improving expressive and receptive communication, including following complex multi-step directions, and facilitate interaction and proper communication with adults and peers.
Click here for schedule and registration.

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Another competition went by. This time it was AAU East in Fort Pierce, FL. We did our usual Veni, Vidi, Vici -  we come, we see, we conquer. Our Team of 25 athletes came home with 39 medals in Kata and Kumite divisions. Dedication of Sensei Ernesto and superior quality of his training was proven yet again.


This is not however, what I would like to focus on in this article. Last Saturday we witnessed two interesting things that we kind of always knew but never before witnessed clearly with our own eyes.


Firstly -  we know that we are a family. Everyone supports each other and takes care of each other. We always write it in all our marketing materials and articles. Last Saturday - we all got to see how deep this actually goes.

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What is karate? Karate is a sport used by many people for fun, as a hobby, or many people take it seriously and become world champions of karate. Karate involves warm ups and stretches that progress into sparring drills, speed drills, kata, and many other exercises. There are important parts involved in karate, such as belts, tournaments, and gear, which set attainable goals, create challenges, and provide safety.

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Keiko Shin Team did extremely well last year and although nobody is counting the medals any more, nine athletes from our Academy were awarded the titles of AAU Athlete of The Year 2015. Sensei Ernesto Fuentes was recognized as Best Sensei and Keiko Shin Karate Academy gained another title of The Best Performing Karate School in Florida.

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Better youserlf in the spirit of Karate-Do...

Dear Sensei Sashi, Senpais: Destiny, Ben, Brandon, Melody and little Andrew Rivera, and all of you aspiring to be a sensei one day.

I'm really happy to hear you want to become better versions of yourselves by passing on the knowledge and strength you have come to acquire over time. This is the spirit of karate do, and I'm always ecstatic to hear people say how much they want to become a role model to others.
I'm writing this to help you on your way to achieve that dream.

Please know that just because you won some tournaments and have attained a high rank, you're not all of a sudden ready to become an effective teacher.
There are good karateka, and there are good sensei. Often, you can only be one of the two. It takes a special breed to be both of those at the same time.
Good martial artists work hard. They concentrate, persevere, and overcome obstacles. Thats the basic requirement for any ATHELETE. For a sensei, the main requirement is leadership. You can have a super-star athlete with many accolades and ranks, but they can still be a terrible sensei because they lack the tools to be a leader.

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Keiko Shin Karate Academy team for the first time participated in USSSA North American Cup tournament in Orlando, Florida on November 12st, 2015. Our team showed up in force of 25 competitors in all age divisions.

Teams from Canada, Sweden, Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida also attended en masse.   Canada alone was represented by 26 athletes and looked very intimidating. Sweden team was small but very focused and determined.

Our friends from Sensei’s Lugo and Sensei’s Moon academies did not disappoint as well. It was a pleasure to see them and compete with them at USSSA forum.

Unfortunately, teams from Brazil, UK, and India decided that, in the light of latest terror attacks in Paris, France, it was prudent not to travel and opted–out from participating in this event.

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