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Our Karate Family

Oliver Family

Keiko Shin Karate Academy follows highly concentrated, comprehensive program that includes:

  • Self Defense
  • Bully Prevention
  • ADHD Management
  • Self-discipline
  • Confidence Building
  • Respect
  • Stranger Danger Techniques
  • Competitive Karate
  • Traditional Kata
  • Traditional Kumite

The high level of self esteem and self discipline achieved through our program aids your child in making good decisions at home, school and in the community therefore ensuring successful future and provides them with skills necessary for resisting peer pressure or being bullied.

We have the most successful AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM  in the area.

We promote FAMILY VALUES That’s why many of our students have joined the Keiko Shin Karate family together with their parents.

We care about our students FROM THE HEART and not from the business standpoint.

We insist on THE BEST PERFORMANCE from our students and work with them, and their families to ensure success in all areas.

Rafael Oliver, Sensei

 Owner of Riverview & Lutz Keiko Shin Karate-do, was born in Panama City in 1970. Sensei holds a degree in Naval Engineer,  Education, and a Masters degree in Theology. Sensei is also an Ordained Minister.  With 30 years of training in 2 traditional  Karate-do styles, Sensei Oliver first trained in Shito-Ryu in Panama City.  At the age of 18 he began his journey in Shotokan  Karate-do, obtaining his Black Belt certification in 1992 under the American Federation of Martial Arts (AFMA).  Sensei is also a U.S.A. National Karate-Do Federation Judge and an AAU Judge & Coach.
Sensei Rafael continues his training under Sensei Ernesto Fuentes in Shotokan Karate-do at Keiko Shin Karate Academy  Hombu Dojo in Wesley Chapel FL. He is also certified as P90X Instructor.


Mrs. Barbara Oliver

co-owner, originally from P. R. moved to the New Tampa area in 1998. She holds a degree in molecular biology and has worked at Moffitt Cancer Center doing cancer research and at Meridien Research as a Director of the Brooksville & Bradenton research offices. She is certified as P90X, Cize, & Insanity Instructor.



Senpai Ian Stewart, BS 
IanAssistant Instructor

He is native of Tampa, since he was 5 yrs old. He holds a BS degree in Film Production and a minor in Communications, finishing up his education in Los Angeles, California at the LA Institute of Film. He has been involved in Martial Arts since he was a teenager starting with Taekwondo, where he earned his First Degree Black Belt, before switching to Shotokan Karate. Ian has vast experience working with kids and teenagers as he was a volunteer at his local library branch for over 12 years.  

Senpai Ian continues his training in Shotokan Karate-do under Sensei Rafael Oliver at the Riverview & Lutz Dojo and Sensei Ernesto Fuentes at Hombu Dojo in Wesley Chapel. Ian is also certified as a P90X Instructor.


Sensei Ernesto Fuentes - Hombu Dojo

is teaching Karate since 1983. Sensei Ernesto is an international Instructor, certified in Japan in Shotokan Karate. In 1993 Sensei obtained his degree in Civil Law and was a very successful Trial Attorney in Venezuela.
Sensei Ernesto holds Masters Degree in Child Psychology, and a minor in the Neuro Linguistics and is ACE Certified Personal & Athletic Sport Trainer, ExpertRating Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Sport Nutrition Coach

Karate-Do Transportation


After School Karate-do Transportation Program is not a Day Care or an extension of the school day. It combines Karate & Self-defense. We promote positive relationships among our students and create engaging environment for children to interact with each other and provide decision making opportunities teaching them responsibility and leadership.
Our Karate Transportation Program nurtures the body, mind and spirit of every child who participates.


Riverview Elementary

Fish Hawk Elementary
Winthrop Charter Elementary School
Bridge Prep Academy of Riverview
Symmes Elementary School 
Ippolito Elementary School

Literacy/Leadership/Technology Academy (LLT)






In order to provide our athletes with the best quality in KARATE, we are proudly affiliated with the most distinguished Organizations and Federations Nationally and Worldwide.



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